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September 19, 2007



okay -- who is harold? and yes, I do think Oases is the plural of oasis.

glad things are getting better there!
we had highs in the low 70's last weekend. back to 90 this weekend. sigh!
I just want to sit around and eat pumpkin-choc-chip squares and drink cinnamon coffee!

soon enough, soon enough



Gasp! You were never exposed to Harold in your own youth? Hmmm, definitely put it on the read list for your future children...great for stimulating the imagination. Tonight a dripping wet Ben stood in the doorway of Lily's room and said, "Harold is really cold and needs a real towel." I guess he decided to get out of the bath on his own (he usually calls out when he is ready for a dry off) and his imaginary towel wasn't quite doing the trick!

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